A Retail Rant

Today I have a short rant of the general intelligence of people who shop in my store. I don’t understand how some of these people operate through daily life without dying or getting severely injured. Like… where is the common sense?

So, my coolers went down. Four doors of milk, two with eggs and lunchmeat and butter and cheese etc. They went down on truck day and we were incredibly busy, so I tied the doors shut with BRIGHT YELLOW ROPE, and put signs on each door that said out of order on BRIGHT ORANGE PAPER.

And I still had people asking if they could buy the milk. Or the eggs or the cheese. The most common phrase was, “So, I see it says out of order, but there’s milk in there. Can I buy it?” Like, sir, what do you think out of order means? The temperature screen above the coolers (visible for all to see) clearly read 65 degrees. Do you really think it’s a good idea to buy milk that’s warmer than the temperature outside?

And then when I went to damage everything out to take it to the dumpster, it was even worse. I started with the milk and got it all out to the trash. So, that’s four cooler doors that are now empty. And then I’m scanning out lunch meat and cheese and putting it all in black trash bags. While I’m doing this, people are standing in front of the empty milk coolers and then they look at me and say, “So you don’t have any milk?”

*Face palm*

Common sense isn’t so common.

That is all.