A Special Announcement

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After a year of learning (2022) and half a year of implementing new tactics (2023) it only seemed fitting that something great should come of it. And that is why I’m so happy to announce the second edition of Plot Your Novel will be coming out in January of 2024!

This new guide will still contain all the original tips and tricks from the first edition. But it will now have my new revamped process. I’ve expanded on how I plan a novel with everything I’ve been learning and I feel like the new process is much smoother and easier to follow.

I’m also planning on releasing a workbook to go alongside the book so you have a place to jot down all your thoughts as you work through the process.

And since I’m doing a second edition, you’ll be seeing sneak peeks of how I changed things up in future blog posts to prepare for the launch. I hope you’re ready for some learning.