• Around the Writer’s Block

    Originally, I intended to write my next nonfiction book on productivity. And I still plan on writing that book, but my interest has shifted to something else for now. I’d like to write about writer’s block, how I handle it, and ways for others to get through it. Because I’m going to be blunt, I […]

  • Nonfiction Launch

    Just a quick update today. My first attempt at nonfiction will be available to the public tomorrow! If you enjoyed any of my posts on writing craft or my tips on brainstorming, I hope you consider picking up a copy. Thank you all for your support over the years 🙂

  • Playing With Cover Design

    On Thursday I talk about some of the things I do when I’m brainstorming a book. One of which is playing around with a cover design. Here is the design I made on canva (next to the beautiful final one my designer made)