Authorly Review

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I’ve been sick and haven’t decided if I have the brain power to write a story for Medium this week. So, instead, I thought I’d just ramble about the author life for a little bit.

My business set up has been pretty efficient ever since we moved into the new house. I’ve figured out a way to delegate the tasks and get everything done as it needs to be done. It’s felt really nice to get to the weekend and known I didn’t have anything I’d forgotten to do.

I created an author planner in bookbolt that mimics the way I set up my planner this year. And I might add pages to do it include my board breakdowns and how to delegate. But I think what I need to plan for next is days off. Because even though I decided I wasn’t going to do work on the weekends unless I had to, I also need to include actual vacation days.

I also need to create a better business plan for my low content work. The journals and planners I’ve been creating are nice, but I need to have a better plan to follow. And I need to decide if I’m going to continue trying to create for Etsy. I haven’t figured out how to upload my digital creations to sell and so I don’t want to waste my time creating the things if I can’t put them on Etsy.

I’m a little stressed out this week because I need to find the money for two book covers. One in the next week and the other in November. And on top of my other bills right now, it’s just a little tight on money. But I’ve always found a way to make it work before, so I know I will this time.

Just sneezed so hard my face hurts, so I guess that’s it. A nice little author roll-up.