Baby, it’s cold outside

Another great week of being productive. Got a little behind in the middle of the week, but still marked everything off by the end of it. And the part I like the most is only have a few small things to finish up over the weekend. I’m trying really hard to have a good work/life balance this year. If I get my work done in the mornings or early in the week, I can enjoy my weekends. 

I straightened out my newsletter automatons last week and created a few more ads. This week is another author ad challenge, and I’m determined to make the most of it. This will be the third time I’ve worked through it and I seem to always time it just right to when he’s re-recorded the videos with updated tips. So, I can’t wait to see what he’s got for us this time. 

I’m also trying out a new social media scheduling app. This one includes tiktok, and since I’m trying to be more consistent on there, this might help. It’s called Buffer and it’s free for three profiles. And lucky me, I only have three profiles I actively post on, haha. 

My outline for my new book is coming along nicely. I’ve got my character bios worked out for my main/supporting cast. And I’ve been thinking about the deeper questions of the plot. Between this week and next week I’ll be working more on the actual scenes and outline so I’ll be ready for the first writing day. My initial idea has morphed into something bigger, and I’m excited to see what else I can find out while brainstorming. 

I have a few other admin tasks I need to take care of that might take a little more time, but I’ve got PTO from the day job until Friday. I’m sure I’ll get a lot done while I’m at home this week. 

Looking forward to more productivity.