Baby Update

                “Go ahead and lie down on the table,” the sonogram tech said, closing the door behind us.

                I sat down and gradually got myself flat on the table. I pulled my shirt up and Liam giggled, covering his eyes.

                “What?” Ricky said. “It’s just her belly.” Liam giggled again.

                “So, would you like to know the gender if we can find it today?” the tech asked as she got her machine ready.

                “Yes,” I said. I twined my fingers together on my chest and waited.

                She squirted the warm gel on my stomach and began the ultrasound. I watched the screen, full of nerves. Before every doctor’s appointment I began to worry about everything that could have gone wrong since the last time I heard that little heartbeat. But there it was, the tiny flutter on the screen spread relief through me. I smiled.

                “There’s a face,” she said. Tears filled my eyes. “The chin in tucked here, and there’s the little lips and nose.” She clicked a picture and then moved on. “And there’s a little hand.” Click, print. “Feet.” Click. “Spine.” Click.

                She continued her scanning, taking pictures of all the technical parts for my doctor’s review. I waited, holding my breath. I knew Liam was bouncing up and down next to me, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I couldn’t get enough of that little one.

                “Okay….” She moved around and focused in. “Looks like it’s a boy!”

                “You’re gonna have a little brother,” Ricky told Liam.

                “Yay!” Liam clapped.

                It’s a boy!