• Light of the Half Moon

  • Unblock Your Novel

    Unleash Your Creativity and Conquer Writer’s Block Once and For All! Are you a writer struggling to find your creative flow and overcome the dreaded writer’s block? Look no further! Introducing Unblock Your Novel: A Simple Guide to getting Unstuck in your Writing, your ultimate guide to defeating writer’s block and reigniting your writing passion.…

  • Don’t Look Behind You

    Don’t Look Behind You

    In the aftermath of the devastating events in Washington, Bryce finds himself tormented by guilt and survivor’s remorse. Torn between the urge to escape and the call to join the fight, he wrestles with his decision. Meanwhile, Monique grapples with grief over the loss of her friend and the shattering of her familiar world. Eager…

  • All Signs Point to Hell Vol. 3

    All Signs Point to Hell Vol. 3

    Ten tales of terror to unsettle your soul: ghosts, demons, curses, and the unknown lurking just beyond your grasp. Picture It joins a group of college friends as they move into their house for their final year. But things take a dark turn as items rearrange themselves and go missing, followed by eerie photos of…

  • Edit Your Novel

    Edit Your Novel

    Congratulations, you’ve completed your manuscript! Now it’s time for the important process of editing. This guide offers practical advice on the different types of editing and provides tips on how to make the most out of your own efforts before sending it to a professional editor. By following a clear and structured approach, you’ll be…

  • Plot Your Novel

    Plot Your Novel

    Are you ready to turn your book idea into a reality, but don’t know where to begin? This comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step method to help you organize your thoughts and develop a solid outline for your novel. Whether you prefer a paper-based system or digital tools, this guide provides clear instructions and examples to…

  • In Spite of It All

    In Spite of It All

    A variety of tales about fighting the odds and trying to overcome the fiendish powers at work in the world.

  • All Signs Point to Hell vol 1

    All Signs Point to Hell vol 1

    The monsters from your nightmares are here. Will you come to play?

  • All Signs Point to Hell vol 2

    All Signs Point to Hell vol 2

    A collection of short horror stories to keep you up at night.

  • Until I Wake

    Until I Wake

    Whitney thought starting over in a new place would change her life for the better. She couldn’t have been more wrong.