Creepin’ Along

Had a little bit of a better week. Checked a few more boxes and I rewrote my publishing plan for the books I have done. I’ll still get my two witch books out and the first nonfiction project. I have a tentative date for the cyber horror, but I know that one really needs some outside help because the project feels so much bigger than me. And I actually did some editing on witch book three, so that’s some progress. I made all three project lists overlap at specific points so I’m not trying to do developmental edits on all of them at the same time and it should flow a little nicer now. 

Did some more brainstorming on my new WIP idea and I think it’ll come along nicely once I find the motivation to get started. I want to actually utilize some of the stuff I’ve learned over the last year with the plotting stage so I can feel a little more prepared to write. I think that’s the problem I had with the demon book. I plotted a lot of it and had an okay outline, but I wasn’t really prepared for the story. I

I’m falling behind on writing Patreon stories, but I’m not worried about that either. 

Speaking of Patreon, I think it’s time to subscribe to Joanna Penn and Sacha Black. I have a decent amount of money in my royalties account that I don’t feel like I have to worry about not having enough to pay my author bills so I can add another bill. Plus, it won’t be too much to subscribe to them anyway. Maybe reading through their stuff on Patreon will help me get out of my slump. 

I’ve com to terms with the fact that I need to adjust how I’ve been writing. The last few years I’ve been focusing on getting content out and so I was very strict about my writing goals. But now that I have a handful of books out, I don’t feel as much pressure. And as a result, I want to take advantage of it instead of fall apart. I can spend more time on a project instead of sprint through it to get it launched. This is a benefit. I don’t need to publish four books a year to stay relevant. I can slow it down and spend more time on a project. That’s what I NEED to do. And I’m hoping it will make me feel less like a failure. 

I can spend one or two days on admin tasks every week and then let creativity flow the rest of the time. That way I’m still working towards my goals, but at more of a casual pace that should help. 

We’ll see how it goes. 

This week I’m hoping to do some outlining on my new series I want to start. And I’d like to write a chunk for a patreon story. 

Fingers crossed.