February Begins

Another great week. I only missed one task, but I blame the day job nonsense I had to deal with and my busy Friday since my bestie got married. But nothing major, so I’m sure I’ll catch up no problem.

This week it’s really getting close to the launch of my next book. Can’t wait for the cover reveal, it’s so cool looking. And I realized I already had a preorder for it even though I’ve barely even mentioned it on the socials.

The scene breakdown on the cyber horror is really coming along. And I signed up to join a critique group so I might have a critique partner soon *eek* and I feel like that will be pretty awesome. I really want some outside eyes on this story so I can be sure I did it justice. 

I had my first day of writing for the new project. It went okay. I’m still getting used to the story and the characters after so long of being in the witch world. But I’m sure after the first few thousand words I’ll be in it and the story will come pouring out. I need to do a little research this week though and figure out the demon I want to have in the story. 

After this book I think I’m going to try my seven deadly sins series. But that one might be more work than a normal book. I need to do some extra research on the lore and everything so I can make sure my story is a unique twist on the idea. 

I’ve got a lot of other business work to take care of this week and I’m hoping my learning list isn’t too long to tackle in a week. But I won’t know until I try. So let’s get to it.