Fighting Writer’s Block

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One of my favorite tricks to getting unstuck, is asking about what’s going on with the character’s motivations. It all goes back to the basics. You might have written yourself into a corner because you were writing the story the way you wanted it to be. You forgot that you aren’t really the one in control – the characters are. 

So, check back in with them. Rediscover why they’re doing this crazy thing/going on this cool adventure/investigating this murder or disappearance. Because if they don’t have a reason to start down their path, there’s no meat to your story. 

Go back a few chapters and make sure every choice along the way has made sense to who your character is as a person. If they turned left towards the woods instead of right onto the highway back in chapter three, should they have done the opposite? 

Asking these questions can really help with rediscovering where the storyline was supposed to go. Similarly, you can ask about the side characters and what their motives might be. The supporting cast can be just as important as the main characters. 

I hope you find this advice helpful and will check back for future advice on beating writer’s block.