Finding Motivation

The first half of last week went okay, and then it kind of fell off again. I’m pretty sure it’s the lack of structure. I haven’t made a to do list or filled in my board in over two months. I’ve been working by impulse and since I don’t have a lot of motivation lately, it’s been showing in the results. But I’m still trying to evaluate what work is important and what isn’t and prioritize other things. Plus, this week my day job schedule changed and I’m going to have to reconfigure around that now too. 

This week’s goals are pretty simple. I’m going to do the planning around my new day job schedule to see what work I can realistically get done in a week. Realistically being the key word here. I’m still working on catching up on my learning tasks, which is probably the most daunting. But mostly because anything left on my infostack will expire in June and I don’t want to have wasted that money. 

And as I make my new schedule, I want to take notes to fix my author planner for next year. I think I should probably include daily pages with the time slots so I (and anyone who buys one) will be able to plan according to the actual time in a day. That’s been my biggest downfall, I think. I’ll have to spend some time timing my admin tasks so I can have an accurate idea of everything. But I’m still building up to that. 

This week I want to spend some more time brainstorming my new project/series. I’ve been doing some reading on comp titles/authors and letting the expectations really sink in. 

And I need to do some editing on witch book 3. I don’t want to have to reschedule all of that for a third time. 

But I guess that’s it.