January is a Win

I’m really starting the year off strong with another great week. 

My outline for the new book is coming along and I have my main scenes set up with cards. This week I’ll finish up anything else I need to research before I begin writing next week. 

I’m also working my way through the launch list for All Signs 4. I got my cover last week and it’s freakin amazing. I can’t wait to show everyone. And once I’m done with the final edits on that, I’ll be editing the cyber horror and the last two witch books to get them ready. I’m a little stressed about having so much editing to do at once, but it’s only this year. Next year it will be a little more spread out since I planned it better. I didn’t realize I’d actually be able to write the fourth witch book so quickly. 

The preorder for All Signs Point to Hell Vol. 4 is ready – you can get it here.

I listened to my AI audio of Birds aren’t Real and it was actually pretty clean. There were only a few words I noted that I need to fix the pronunciation. Words that have more than one way to say them, like live/live and lead/lead. So I’ll clean those up this week and then I can distribute the book through find away. I’m pretty excited. 

I used buffer last week for my social media and it seemed okay. But I’m not sure how to schedule the tiktok videos if I edit them in the tiktok app… I might just have to do the save as draft thing and upload the posts every day. No big deal. 

I think I’m finishing up the short story on Medium today and writing my newsletter. Should be another great week.