Keeping up With Life

So I’m having a baby soon (yayy!) Like…very very soon. Like in four weeks (ahh!) And perhaps a little bit of panic has set in.

Or a lot of panic.

Anywho… I’m struggling with life. My day job is sucking all the energy out of me and when I come home all I want to do is sit. My whole body aches and I’m just so sleepy. But there isn’t time to sit. There’s laundry, and dinner, and dishes, and taking care of the other kiddo.

On top of all that, we still haven’t completely unpacked from moving in TWO months ago. Which is driving me bonkers, but boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind all the boxes still in the garage (grr) And now that the baby shower has passed, there is now all the stuff in the baby’s room that needs to be opened/setup/unpacked/washed etc. And if I wasn’t huge and pregnant, I’d just do it all myself. But of course, that’s not an option.

Along with the baby room nonsense, we need to figure out what we still need for the baby and go buy that. Because as much as I loved all the baby clothes and diapers we received at the shower, we could also use some baby bottles, and bottle brushes, and a few other essentials.

And that all leads me to now, typing up this post ranting about life because I just didn’t have it in me today to find a writing prompt and be creative. Forgive me. I will try harder next week.