Light of the Half Moon – Out Now!

In the mystical world of Empire City, a new chapter of darkness is about to unfold. In the gripping sequel to Under the Dark Moon, power-hungry adversaries threaten to unleash chaos. 

Raven, a formidable witch on the security council, takes center stage as the city’s safety teeters on the edge. 

Danica and Conner, out for revenge, have stolen Mother Maria’s Book of Shadows, a tome brimming with ancient and unparalleled power. 

As the full moon looms only a few days away, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Raven and her team must race against time to retrieve the stolen book before its power falls into the wrong hands. 

In the high-stakes game of cat and mouse, Raven delves into a world of secrets and shadows, navigating the city’s treacherous underbelly. She’ll stop at nothing to thwart their nefarious plans. 

As the tension mounts and the clock ticks down, Raven’s determination is tested. Join her on a pulse-pounding journey and see who wins in the final showdown. 

Light of the Half Moon is a spellbinding tale of intrigue, magic, and the spirit of those who stand against the forces of darkness. Will Raven and her team succeed on their mission, or will Empire City be forever changed by the malevolent forces at play? 

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