Patreon Updates for 2024

ink bottle on desk

Beginning with my changes for 2024, I’m going to adjust my patron tiers over on Patreon. If you’d like to sign up to be a patron click here.

I’ll have weekly updates for the public on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
Monday – Business journal post with what I’ve accomplished and what I’m going to be working on that week.
Tuesday – The story posted to Medium
Wednesday – Newsletter post teaser

Every first Thursday of the month (unless it’s literally the 1st, then it’ll be the following week) the patron drops will happen for all other paid content.

$3 tier – Feed the starving artist
Name a character in my current work in progress
A special thanks in my newsletter and on the blog and social medais

$5 tier – Book Fan
Everything in $3 tier, plus
Previous month’s book thoughts and fave book deep dive (ahead of the blog)
Early/exclusive looks at current work in progress
– First chapter or two
– Deleted scene
– Character journal entry or bio
– First half of the outline

$10 tier – Big Fan
Everything in $3 and $5 tiers, plus
Exclusive short story each month

$20 tier – Super Fan
Everything in $3, $5, and $10 tiers, plus
Early reader copy of new books when they come out
One free ebook of your choice
Input/Vote on cover art for new books

Also on my Patreon, I’ll be selling digital copies of my books and cover art. And I’ll possibly be adding a way to purchase the $10 tier short story for a discounted price if you only want to read the story.

I hope you’ll consider joining me over on Patreon for my most productive year yet.