Retail Life Episode 6

*This post contains foul language*

I’m at work, ringing people up, minding my own business. A lady with three teenage sons comes up to check out. The boys are asking for candy or chips or something and she yells at them, “Just fuckin pick something and get over here!” I laugh she shakes her head at them mumbling about spoiled children.

There’s one person in line behind her. She cuts into the conversation and says something about kids never being satisfied and the two ladies share a laugh until the second one turns serious and starts going off about first one’s language. “I don’t appreciate hearing those words, it was unnecessary and offensive. I shouldn’t have to hear words like that.”

Lady number one looks at her, looks at me, looks at her then says, “Well fuuuuuccckkkkk you.” The boys are just now noticing that something is going on and they start telling their mom to calm down.

Lady number two, “I’m going to call the police on you. You can’t talk to me like that.”

Lady number one, “Call the police? Bitch do it!”

I’m just standing there trying not to laugh.

Lady number two turns to me, “Call the police.”

“What? No.” I’m not calling the police over this. Unless one of them starts being violent, this is not an emergency. You don’t call the police over bad language.

Lady number two, “Well then I’m calling the police on you too!”

She puts her stuff down and storms out of the store. Lady number one is still yelling obscenities at her and her sons are blocking her from following out the door. The sons made her finish cashing out and they leave, mom still ranting and raving.

Now I’m watching out the window as they continue yelling at each other in the parking lot. Lady number two is standing by her car, a cell phone up to her ear, but yelling at lady number one. Lady number one is being forced into her car by all three sons, trying to scream every cuss word she can over their shoulders.

Eventually, lady number one’s car drives away, her flipping off lady number two as she passes. Lady number two stands at the back of her car, arms folded as she waits for the police.

An hour goes by before a cop car finally pulls into the parking lot. Lady number two yells at him as she tells him what happened. He gets her statement and then sends her on her way. He never even came into the store.

Some people are just…ugh.