Retail Rant Time

person putting magstripe card near black card terminal

I have another fun story about a customer today. And she probably wouldn’t have bothered me so much if she didn’t have that ‘I’m so much better than you’ attitude. She really acted like she was doing us a favor by shopping in our store. Like we should all bow down and let her do whatever she wanted.

Okay, so she does her shopping. She’s buying a bunch of school supplies. When she goes to check out, her card declines and says ‘Invalid Transaction.’ My cashier comes to ask me what to do.
When a card says invalid transaction, it means there is something with the customer’s account not allowing them to run the card in the way they tried. Generally this means, if they tried debit, they need to run it as credit. Or vice versa. So, I tell my cashier to ask her if she was doing credit or debit, and to try the other way. And if it still doesn’t work, she needs to call her bank.

He tells her. She doesn’t like it. Asks for the supervisor.

I go up to the counter and tell her the same thing. She goes on a rant for a few minutes about how she always uses her card as credit everywhere she shops and she’s never had an issue before and she doesn’t want to use her pin. Etc. Etc. Blah blah. She tries to insist we’re at fault and that we should be able to change it and let her use credit.
I keep trying to explain to her that it’s nothing to do with our registers or us, and she needs to call her bank. But she interrupts me every time I say something and does her card over and over as credit and keeps saying invalid transaction.

I say, ‘Would you please just try it as debit. It’s not going to go through as credit.”
She snaps at me that she doesn’t want to do debit because she doesn’t know her pin.
I say, ‘Well, that’s not what you’ve been saying. You keep saying you don’t want to use your pin, not that you don’t know it.’
She tries to tell me that’s the same thing. When it so clearly is not. But whatever.
She tries it as credit a few more times. But finally she just uses a different card.

It goes through. I hand her the receipt and say, ‘You should probably still call your bank.’ But she interrupts me again as she snatches the receipt away and says, ‘Well you have a good day.’
And in my most sickly sweet voice, I say, ‘Yeah, you too.’

And then she continues to complain to her children the entire way out of the store.

I just really don’t understand why she wouldn’t just accept that it wasn’t going to work. She tried her card as credit so many times. Held up the line for at least ten minutes because she wouldn’t just accept what I was telling her. Regardless of whether or not she knew her pin, all she had to do was call her bank and find out why it was being rejected. And even if she didn’t want to do it right then, if she had a different form of payment, why did she have to make it so difficult for everyone involved?

Blah. I’m so tired of people acting like they know more than me when they’re on the other side of the counter. But anyway… have a nice day!