Senses Exercise 5

**When we are intensely using one of our senses, we sometimes block out the other sense, for example, closing our eyes when we experience an intense sound, taste, smell, or touch.**

         At first, she’d thought the blindfold being tugged over her eyes had been a prank. Justin was always doing stuff like that and surprising her with flowers or a sweet drink. But after she’d landed roughly into what could only be the trunk of a car… she’d realized her mistake.

         Of course, then they’d tied her hands together with something hard and plastic and a fabric bundle shoved into her mouth. She was in real trouble now. But she wasn’t the type of girl to panic.

         No, she’d been paying attention.

         Before the blindfold, she’d been facing north and watching the chickens play and peck at the ground. They’d spun her around and dragged her across the parking lot while she’d struggled against their hands.

         Once in the car, they’d turned left out of the lot. The pothole bounced the rear end of the car and she’d thudded into wheel well. Pointer Avenue. And they hadn’t turned again, so they would merge onto the highway any moment now… yes. There’s the acceleration and jerk of shifting gears.

         She relaxed and rolled herself closer to the seatbacks. The press of the grubby carpet made her face itch, but she ignored it. She could hear her captors talking now over the hum of the engine. She inhaled slowly and focused her attention.

         “Ten miles and then exit on the right. Turn left at the light,” one man said. The other grunted in response.

         Ten miles. That would put them in Savannah Heights.

         A crinkle of wrappers and the next time the man spoke, his voice was less clear. He was eating something.

         “Why her?”

         “Easy target.”

         Easy target? They clearly didn’t know who they were dealing with.

 She glared at the blindfold and made a plan. She rolled back into the larger area and wiggled around until she could bring her hands down around her feet. She shoved the blindfold off her face and took the rag out of her mouth. But it was too dark in the trunk to see anything.

         Loose items moved around with the motion of the car, and she felt around for something that could be used as a weapon. Her hand closed on something cold and metal, and she smiled. From the feel, it was the tire iron.

         The car bumped a moment later, and she tightened her grip. They’d be exiting soon, and she prepared herself for what was going to come next. They wouldn’t see it coming.