• My Nightmare

             The team gathered at the sight of the fire. James carried the boxes and trash bags to the card table Ben had set up. Nancy passed out the goggles, masks, and gloves. Rhonda sat with Ben at the table to pull the large rubber boots over her tennis shoes. I hung back by the…

  • One Last Ghost Video

    With the last installment of my Ghost Story #5, I thought it best to add a funny video to go along with it. Let’s all laugh at their fear 🙂

  • Ghost Stories 5 Part 4

    Winter  Linda watched Shawn place the “For Sale” sign in the lawn and then turned back to the kitchen. Angie was preoccupied destroying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the table and she didn’t notice Linda wipe the tears from her face. Linda was happy, sad, and scared all at once. She knew they needed to be…

  • Silly Ghosts

  • Ghost Stories #5 Part 3

    Fall           Angie’s birthday party was all set up. Streamers criss-crossed around the ceilings in each room and stars dangled down around the adult’s heads. Angie ran from room to room, giggling madly as she wove in between legs.           Linda tapped her fingers against her pink party cup, sleep deprivation catching up to her.…

  • Ooo Ghosts

  • Ghost Stories #5 part 2

    Summer           It was 4th of July before anything else happened. Angie was with her grandparents and Linda and Shawn decided to throw a little party with a few friends. They spent majority of the evening in the backyard. They drank, they laughed, they enjoyed the fireworks from the park down the road. All in…

  • Ghosts

    What do you guys think about ghosts? Are they real? Is there such a thing as a haunted house? Or is it something else? Like something in an alternate plane breaking through into our world? Tell me your thoughts.

  • Haunted Places

  • Ghost Stories #5 part 1

    Spring           Shawn and Linda bought the house on Harper Lane after touring several homes in the area. They thought it was the cutest little house in the neighborhood. They felt no reason to question its vacancy. They signed the papers, and moved in.           There was a small patio surrounded by a low brick…