• Dreamcatcher

    Now that I’ve read this book I’m going to have to go back and watch the movie again. So, here’s the trailer for all of you to watch and get creeped out.

  • March Reads

    March was a great month for reading! I read seven books and two were on my reading list for the year. I’ve read seventeen books so far this year and I’m right on track to meet my goal of fifty-five, if not surpass it. But I still won’t get my hopes up, just in case…

  • The Stand

    Now that I’ve read this book, I have to watch the movie haha

  • May Reads

    Yay, I read four books again. And I marked three books off my overall reading list! That’s a special accomplishment in my opinion. On top of that, those three were all physical books and only the fourth book was an audiobook. I love that I’m getting back to real reading again. Audiobooks totally count, but…

  • Movie Night

    Now that I’ve gotten through the massive book that is It by Stephen King, I need to watch this movie.