Who’s your favorite demon? (Newsletter)

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First Drafts are the Worst

This month I’ve started on a new project. I’ve titled the document “The One with the Demon,” but I have no idea what the actual title is going to be. That’s always the hardest part for me.

But it’s been coming along nicely. I’ve written a couple thousand words and I think I’m hinting at the evil pretty well. The reader is going to know more than what the characters know so I hope it plays out the way i’m picturing.

If you’ve read up on demons, which one is your favorite? What demon-y books have you enjoyed?

Meet Mira

Mira Davenport is the only surviving child of Lillian and Patrick Davenport. Her older sister died in a drowning accident during the winter when Mira was only five. Her sister – Nicolette – was twelve. They were ice skating, but the ice wasn’t strong enough and Nicolette fell through.

Mira was never supposed to be the one to bare the family curse. But after Nicolette died, Mira had to be caught up in it. She had several years of studying to get to where Nicolette would have been at her age. Nicolette had never had the chance to live a normal childhood, it was all about the rules and study. The ice skating day was a once in a blue moon opportunity because both parents had been out of town the last week, and they wanted to spend some quality time together. They never forgave themselves for that day and it only applied that much more pressure onto Mira to succeed.

Patrick’s mother, Miriam, came to live with them and help with Mira’s studying. (Mira was named after Miriam) The rest of Mira’s childhood was strict and full of studying.

The kids in school teased her for being so strange and quiet. They made up a taunt, “Mira, Mira, on the wall, you’re the weirdest one of all.” And she never really had any friends because she was quiet and shy. The taunt evolved to, “We know you made your sister fall.” And it didn’t leave her alone until her parents moved her to a private high school.

Once Mira became a teenager, she rebelled against her strict upbringing. She snuck out at night, hung out with people her parents would never have approved of – and yet she managed to keep them off her back with her hard work.

She’s never been on a proper date. She’s messed around with boys and girls in college, but never kept anyone around for long. The family curse took up too much of her time to have any left to dedicate to a relationship. Of course, she couldn’t tell anyone the truth about it, but she became an expert at holding people at arm’s length.