1 Down, 51 to Go

Hit the ground running with a great first week. Marked literally everything off the list and I didn’t even have anything to ‘catch up’ on during the weekend. It was nice and I hope it foreshadows a very productive year. I’ve got another full board of tasks this week and I’m excited to get going. 

My first week of plotting my next WIP was pretty successful. I have a good idea for the framework of the story and now I’ll begin fleshing out my characters and the setting. After I have a good handle of that, I can work on the finer details of the plot next week and get the outline ready. I’ll begin actually writing the first week of February, and I’m already pretty excited. 

This week I’ll start writing my next nonfiction project though. And it seems only fitting that I start it this week since the book is on character building. I think having it paired up with my WIP like that will help me out. 

I sent out my first newsletter of the year last week and I’m going to be updating weekly now instead of just twice a month. I hope I can bring good content to my subscribers. I’ve gotten out of my own way and I don’t overthink it as much. But I can’t help but think I’m a little boring. But it’s probably just the imposter syndrome talking. 

Other than that, I’ll be doing a lot of editing again this week and getting my launch tasks done for All Signs 4. And a few learning tasks again to keep up with the new tactics. 

I’m also working on another journal for my low content side biz. This month’s is a cookbook journal. I think it’s going to turn out pretty cool. Last week I did all the metadata work and I get to begin actually creating it this week, so that’s cool. 

But I guess that’s it. Off to work.