• Twurkey Turkey

    I had to see this, so now you do to! Happy turkey day!

  • Turkey Day

                HAPPY THANKSGIVING!          So, first we’ll be cheesy and I’ll talk about what I’m thankful for. There are the obvious ones of my health and my family and my home, of course; always thankful for those things. Then we have work. I’m thankful to have a job that allows me to live my life […]

  • 37 Deviled Eggs Please

    I’m so ready for Thursday. Diets are null and void during the holidays, so bring on those calories!

  • Serotonin

    Life is stressful. Retail can be awful. So here are some dancing storm troopers.

  • Retail Life 28

                The last month or so of my retail job hasn’t been too awful. There’s the normal “I can’t believe your bathroom’s broken” still happening and the “When are you gonna get more lysol/clorox wipes/rubbing alcohol/paper towels” every few days. But it’s become bearable. The overall rage people expressed through the first few months of […]

  • Couponers

    Thursday will bring you another chance to laugh at my pain. You’ll never guess who got on my nerves this time 🙄

  • Mr. Brightside

  • Tarot Cards #4

    The Cards Page of Cups: An emotionally open young person given to flights of imaginative fantasy Knight of Wands: Trying to rescue the world by imposing order on it Five of Cups (reversed): The worst thing that could happen actually creates a better situation Strength: Discipline yourself to follow your intuition Medicine Wheel (reversed): Start […]

  • Tarot Cards

    Wrote a short piece with the inspiration from these cards. Come back Thursday to check it out.

  • Reading like a Writer

    Something I’ve been working towards with each book I read, is to be more conscious of the author’s style and word choice. I am trying to read like a writer and learn from other people’s successes. I feel like I’m getting better at it, and this video gave some helpful tips on the process.