February Stress

Caught up some, but still a little behind. We’re moving in 8 days. Ugh. So, this week I have my to do list, but I’m putting zero pressure on myself to get it done. And it’s way less than any other week. I need to get our house packed and cleaned this week so we can get to the new house. 

Today I’ll be doing as much admin as I can since I won’t have boxes until later and then I’ll squeeze the rest of the work in during the rest of the week as time allows. 

My next AI audio book is almost ready for release, so that’s cool. I’m excited to have the audio version available, even though it’s only ai narrated. It’s better than nothing and it makes my book more accessible. I’m hoping this will help increase the revenue and then I can hire a professional narrator down the road. 

Over the weekend I attended the memorial service for one of my favorite high school teachers. I cried like a freakin baby. She was such a wonderful person and taught me so much, not just about theatre, but about life. While I was there, I ran into a few others from school. One in particular gave me a big hug and said, “First, I need to tell you I love your books. Every single one of them.” And wow, that was a great encounter. I didn’t even know she’d read them. And I’d never had someone fangirl over me. But it really filled my heart and reminded me why I need to keep writing, even when it gets hard. I’ll never know how far my books reach and how many lives they touch. But hearing that they’ve made someone happy really makes me happy. 

Well, off to it.


All Signs Point to Hell vol. 4 Out February 29th