Other Hobbies?

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Someone asked me recently what I like to do for fun. And I said, well I read and write books. And they said, “no, what are your other hobbies?” Other hobbies?

Okay, so obviously there are other things I do with my time. (I think.) But writing and reading are always my go-to answers. Because they’re the things I’ve done my whole life. It’s always been what I like to do for fun. Reading books is probably my favorite thing in life and I sincerely wish I had as much time to do it now as I did when I was younger. And writing, pft, forget about it. I couldn’t see anything else as enjoyable.

Because I love writing. I love every part of it. There are authors who say, “I love to write, but hate editing.” Or “I enjoy outlining, writing is okay, and editing is awful.” But I genuinely enjoy every step of the process.
Outlining: It brings me so much joy to thread my ideas together into something cohesive. Usually I start with such random bits and pieces and then as I brainstorm it takes a shape and it makes me so excited to get writing. I like to explore all the backstory and figure out what makes my characters tick. All of it.
Writing: Literally the best thing in the world. Nothing compares. No further explanation needed.
Editing: Call me crazy, but I love taking my story apart and putting it back together. This is like outlining part two for me. I dig deeper into all the questions to make sure it all makes sense and the characters get to their end goals (or not) in a realistic manner.

So my chosen career is also my hobby. What else can I say?

But if you really want to know: I enjoy live music and being at concerts. I have discovered I really like to cook. Painting and drawing are fun when the inspiration strikes. And a new things I’ve realized I can do more often, creating journals and planners. Which I’m building into a side hustle, of course, but it’s really been fun to do.

What do you do for fun?