Plot Your Novel 2.0

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Second Edition Introduction

A lot has changed since I released the first edition of this book. As I’ve learned more and written more, my methods have changed and adapted to new tools, programs, and tactics. So, I thought it only fitting to release a second edition to update. 

I’m going to keep the first edition of the book in here, because it still holds true as a simple way to outline and plot your book. I might refresh it a little, but the bones of it will be the same. The front half of this book will be all about different methods. Still not complicated and still very straightforward. 

I’ve come a long way from the person who wrote the first edition. My confidence in my writing has grown and I don’t rely on a hard and fast outline as much anymore becuase I’m not afraid I’m going to lose the spark. Back when I got serious about writing, my confidence was definitely an issue. I went into that in my first intro – which you’ll find below – but the point is I got over some of my problems. 

I also have a great support system now. My family and friends are proud of me and what I’ve accomplished and they boost me up when I’m feeling less than great about a project. My partner is a great sounding board for ideas and even if he doesn’t say a single word while I rant, he somehow makes it easier for my ideas to become clear. 

If you don’t have at least one person in your corner, I suggest you get one. Writing is a career in solitude, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. 

Now, this new edition pulls ideas from a lot of sources and molds them together into something that works for me. Every single time. 

I’ve prepped four books this way and all four of them have felt very solid when I was done with them. With each iteration, my first drafts become cleaner and cleaner. And then editing becomes easier and easier. I look forward to the day that my editing takes half the time because I put in all the work at the beginning. 

I hope you enjoy this second edition and find something to take from it for your own writing. Becuase like I mentioned in the first edition, there is no one way to write a book. And you’ll create your own practice by learning and figuring out which tips work for you. That’s how I’ve progressed from my first method to this one. I never stopped learning and reading and listening. From webinars, books, and podcasts, I’ve formulated a new way for me to create. 

So, let’s get to it. You’ve got a book to write. 


This second edition will be available in December of 2023 with an accompanying workbook.