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Wow, last time I wrote about my retail job, I had nice things to say about it. And then I had an awful-tastic day. And I’m gonna share it with you.

  1. Loading cash app cards is the bane of my existence. The store gets nothing from the transaction. And people who come in for only that act like it’s beneath them to have to talk to you. They hold out their phone with the barcode and look everywhere but at you and then toss money onto the counter. Usually all rolled together. Can’t even be bothered to say the amount. And as soon as I type it in, they walk away. What if I didn’t cash out the transaction? What if I decided to keep that $20 or $40 you just threw at me? It’s not like you actually told me what you wanted me to do with it. You threw it at me. Maybe it’s my tip. Ha.

Anyway. This lady comes in to put $940 onto her cash app. The limit at one time is $500. So we do two transactions. The first one goes through. The second one doesn’t. Gets flagged as a fraud transaction because my cashier had tried to load the $940 before calling me up there so now the card loading is frozen. The lady starts to complain about everything while I call the card loading people to get them to put the transaction through. They hang up on me before I even speak to someone. I explain the situation the lady and she starts to go off about how I’m a terrible manager and that I lied to her and that she wants her other $500 back since I can’t ‘figure it out.’
Ahem. First of all, I don’t have your $500. You do. It’s on your cash app. You literally have your $500. Besides that, I can’t refund card loading transactions. The computer doesn’t let us. I keep trying to explain this to her, but she continues to talk over me and complain about every single thing she can think of. She wants me to tell her where to go to load the rest of her money and I tell I don’t know because I don’t use cash app. And she looks at me like I’m stupid, because apparently that’s unhead of. All while I’m on hold again with the card people. She keeps telling me to stop raising my voice (I’m barely talking louder because she is talking over me) she tells me not to ‘get smart’ with her or she’s going to ‘get smart’ with me. I’m simply trying to explain it to her and she keeps calling me a bad manager and a liar.
Finally I say, ‘so I’m a bad manager because I can’t pull a miracle out of my butt?’ And she tells me I’m full of shit as she (finally) walks away. Tells me I shouldn’t act this way in front of customers. Then calls me a bitch for good measure.
I shouldn’t act this way? She’s the one throwing a literal temper tantrum while I’m doing everything in my power to get the second transaction to go through. The card people hung up on me the second time as well. What exactly did she expect me to do there?

2. At the beginning of the pandemic, stores ran out of hand soap and hand sanitizer, right? After the first wave of people buying way more than they needed at one time, we were overloaded with hundreds of bottles of both. Every single brand they sent us wasn’t what we carried on our ‘basic’ aisle. So, over the last two years, I have moved it all over the store trying to sell it. It has been on every end cap. And I still had HUNDREDS of them. Well, in retail, sometimes merchandise gets marked down to a penny and we can throw it away. The company takes the loss and we free up shelf space. So, this week all that damn hand sanitizer and hand soap went to a penny and I got to throw it away.
Generally, when stuff goes to a penny, we have to destroy it to deter dumpster divers. Well, I had four shopping carts full of this crap, so I wasn’t about to dump out every single bottle. I literally did not have time for that. I planned on throwing most away and them dumping bottles over the top of it and maybe some bleach and kitty litter for good measure (it’s what I usually do with pennied out merch.)
So, I push the first basket to the dumpster and throw it in there. I go inside for the next basket. I come back outside (it’s literally been three minutes, tops) and there is ALREADY SOMEONE IN MY DUMPSTER DIGGING OUT THE SOAP! Like what the hell? Did they have a camera out there? My trash area is not visible to the street. How did they know I threw stuff away to be out there so fast?
I stare at them and they jump out and laugh all the way to the car. I take a few pictures of their license plate (even though I won’t call the police over it, not worth the time) and they drive away.
Where did they come from???

Okay, that’s all. Gonna go have a drink about it.

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