Senses Exercise 5

**When we are intensely using one of our senses, we sometimes block out the other sense, for example, closing our eyes when we experience an intense sound, taste, smell, or touch.**          At first, she’d thought the blindfold being tugged… Read More »Senses Exercise 5

Blindfold Test

This week I explore another exercise with the senses. A blindfold makes you rely more on your other senses. Can you smell and feel your way out of a bad situation? Check back Thursday to see what happens.

Senses Exercise #4

         Today we’re taking another trip through the Senses Thesaurus and working on descriptions. I thought I’d try something different this time though, and just describe Christmas day and make sure I include all five senses. And I’m going to… Read More »Senses Exercise #4

Senses Exercise 3

         Aaand we’re back with the description exercises. As I work through my next book(s) I know I’m making more of a conscious effort to bring the setting to life. I even have a post-it note next to my editing… Read More »Senses Exercise 3

Background Music

This week’s post will describe what I hear in the background. It’s another exercise using my senses to help with my descriptions. This is one of the things I hear while I work 😂 boyfriend playing Call of Duty.