• The Beach

    *Write about the beach: your favorite memory of a trip, what you love, what you hate. Would you live on the coast if you could, or is it better just for a visit?* A couple of years ago, my sister and I took a vacation to South Padre Island. It was a thirteen-hour drive and […]

  • When the Rains Came Part 4

    A phone was ringing from far away. A shrill persistent cry. Why wasn’t anyone answering? People were trying to sleep here. Annie rolled over, surfacing out of the depths of sleep. And then she realized the ringing wasn’t as far away as she’d thought as her cell phone vibrated off the nightstand. “Ugh,” eyes only […]

  • The Adventures of Bob the Beetle

    “It sounded like a bird was falling through the tree,” Codie described when they first came across the beetle that will later be known as Bob.   Two of my friends brought over a tupperware container one day that was the new home to a massive beetle and a scorpion. Both of which they’d found […]

  • Retail Life Episode 6

    *This post contains foul language* I’m at work, ringing people up, minding my own business. A lady with three teenage sons comes up to check out. The boys are asking for candy or chips or something and she yells at them, “Just fuckin pick something and get over here!” I laugh she shakes her head […]