• When the Rains Came part 8

    “What’s going on?” Annie held the door open as Drew and Stephen carried in boxes from the car. “We need to fortify the apartment. There isn’t a storm shelter nearby and we still have a few more weeks to survive.” Stephen set his box in front of the large glass patio doors. “There’s a lot […]


    Recently I was reading a post by my favorite blogger, Kristen Lamb, and I clicked the link for DIY MFA. I feel like a giant nerd for getting so excited about what I read on the website, but I guess if the glasses fit. So, I click to the very first post so I can start […]

  • Girl Pants are Lame

    I’ve recently swayed to the leggings are life team. And here’s why Girl pants are the absolute worst. They never fit properly. If you’re short with curves, you always end up with pants that are too long. If you have a thin waist but big thighs, you can’t get your pants to go up all […]

  • When the Rains Came Part 7

    Drew paced his apartment, worrying about Annie. They’d exchanged numbers, he’d given her a basket full of bluebonnets and yet… He still didn’t feel like she was safe enough. “Dude,” Stephen poked his head out of his bedroom door, his eyes half shut. “Quit trying to wear a hole in the ground and just go […]