• Retail Life Episode 8

    Cash register pet peeves. If you’ve ever been any kind of cashier, you can likely relate to most of these.   -“Do you take checks?’ Yup, we sure do, but you don’t have to fill it out. But of course they’re going to fill it out because it’s easier to keep a record of. Sure. […]

  • When the Rains Came *Final Part*

    The believers took a few days rest after team two blew up the sink hole. The rain had stopped, but the sky was still overcast, and high wind tugged at anything that braved the outdoors. On the third day, they regrouped. Annie held her door open as everyone came in to sit down. She watched […]

  • When the Rains Came Part 13

    The remaining believers stood under an awning as the rain continued to fall from the sky. They’d just left the memorial service for Tim and Chyanne. Their cars were across the lot and no one was feeling brave enough to venture out quite yet. “The storms haven’t stopped for days. How are we going to […]

  • When the Rains Came Part 12

    The following weekend, the believers regrouped. Officer Davis brought two other officers with him. He’d talked to them about the evidence and managed to bring them around to their way of thinking. Best of all, they had a plan. “Okay everyone, Officer Davis –“ “Please, just Bradley,” he interrupted Drew. “Bradley and his two fellow […]

  • DIY MFA writing prompt

    The article from February 2012 asks “When did your love affair with writing begin?” When I was around seven years old, my little sister wanted me to tell her a story. I could have just picked one off the shelf to read her, but something made me want to write one instead. I had a […]