• Oh, Customers

  • Stagecoach Bandits

    Since I mentioned this silly, funny in Thursday’s post I thought it could be the lighthearted theme for today’s video. Also, my dad’s birthday was the other day and he loved these kinds of movies.

  • Retail Life #26

             Sometimes people are so extra. They can be so over the top for absolutely no reason. Sometimes it’s funny. But sometimes it just makes you want to slap them. Sometimes both. And yet you have to keep your professional face on through it all. But it’s okay, because that’s how some of the best […]

  • Customers = Chaos

    Check back Thursday to read more tales of my lovely time working retail 😀

  • Storm Watching

  • Senses Exercise Number 2

             In my current writing project I’ve been making a conscious effort to describe the setting, and I think I’ve been doing a much better job already just by putting it at the front of my mind. So, to keep that momentum going, I’m taking another shot at a writing exercise from the Thesaurus of […]

  • Storms and Lightning

    A friend featured my book on his bookstagram and I couldn’t be more flattered. It’s so pretty!! Go show him some love!! He has some amazing pictures.

  • Space Jam

    The only thing I could think of when I saw the story cube with the laser gun was Space Jam. So, enjoy some nostalgia 🙂

  • Story Cubes #6

    The Cubes: Shield, backpack, treasure chest, dino fossil, skull and crossbones, elephant, ax, laser gun, staircase to a hidden underground room.             Benny trudged through the trees and watched the ground. It had been days since he’d seen anything interesting and he was just about ready to call it and head back home. His feet […]

  • Story Cubes

    Wrote a fun story with these cubes as inspiration! Check back Thursday to read it.