• Life Update

             I was all set to work on a writing exercise today, but I think I need to pause and do a personal update this week instead. Quite a bit has changed since the beginning of the year and I need to take a moment to reflect, catch up, and evaluate.          On the personal…

  • Workspace Updates

    Tiny tot is going to take over from now on. You’re all in good hands, haha Anyway, had a few changes in my writing life, and Thursday I’ll go more in depth. But for starters, I work at the kitchen table now, my desk was too small for all my big ideas 💡

  • Lighthouses and Horror

    Love horror and this week had a bit with lighthouse so of course, here’s the Darkness Falls movie trailer for your viewing pleasure.

  • Now Write Exercise Two

    Now Write Exercise Two – Jule Selbo Pick the clear genre (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or thriller – I picked horror) The first scene needs to make it clear and also introduce the character List possible sub-genres to support your story (I picked paranormal) Frame the story in the overriding genre ** So I didn’t feel…

  • Another Random Image Prompt

    This week I tried my hand at another exercise from the Now Write book and I decided I needed the help of some random images again. These are what Google gave me, come back Thursday to see what I ended up with.

  • More Creative Penn for your Day

    I know I gush about Joanna Penn enough, but I would literally be lost without her podcast/newsletter/books etc, etc. So on the theme of plotting, planning, and all that nonsense I rambled on about on Thursday, here’s another one of her interviews.

  • Plotter and Pantser

    I have made significant progress on my nonfiction project in the last month. It’s a bit of a mess, but at least it’s a mess on paper and I can clean it up and make something interesting out of in the end. What I’ve been thinking about recently is the plotter vs. pantser argument. And…

  • Shameless Self Promo

    So. This book came out on February 28th. Anyway. On Thursday, I’ll ramble about my writing process some more. And I wrote this collection of short stories using that writing process. Just sayin.

  • My Happy Place

    With all the stress related to working in retail (along with all the other stresses of life) I had to get the negativity out of my head when I came home. It’s not my family’s fault that people are rude to me at work, so I shouldn’t take it out on them. One way I…

  • Retail Life Episode 31

    It’s been a minute since I posted a retail story, so how about we talk about that today? I hope the gap doesn’t suggest I have had no one get on my nerves, because that sure is a daily occurrence, ha. But I’ve worked at this store for almost eleven (ELEVEN) years now, so I’m…