• Plain Bad Heroines

    As I work harder at being a more present reader, I’m going to add a new part of my blog each month. Along with my overall book thoughts for everything I read the month before, I’m going to do a longer post on my favorite read. This first one might not be as well prepared […]

  • Retail Rant

    So, I previously mentioned that I won’t be continuing my retail rants. But I changed my mind. Since I’ve shifted to posting my short stories on Medium, I’ve decided to keep my retail rants here on occasion. And it just so happens I had a situation perfect to write up for you. It’s a quick […]

  • Around the Writer’s Block

    Originally, I intended to write my next nonfiction book on productivity. And I still plan on writing that book, but my interest has shifted to something else for now. I’d like to write about writer’s block, how I handle it, and ways for others to get through it. Because I’m going to be blunt, I […]

  • Books In Review

  • Reads of December 2022

    Finished the year strong with fifteen reads. Went over my year’s goal of 150 by 7. But I didn’t finish the Read Harder Challenge. I still have four books left, but I fully intend to read them this year instead. But let’s get into the books.  Paperbacks from Hell by Grady HendrixI’ll need to get […]

  • Writing Tips 4

    I’m deep into the plotting of my new series that I hope to write in the next year. And as I’ve been working through my plotting process in real time, I’ve been making notes to include in the book I hope to have out this fall and thought I’d compile a bit of it here […]

  • Birdbox Challenge

    Have you tried this yet? How good are the rest of your senses if you take away your sight?

  • Senses Exercise 5

    **When we are intensely using one of our senses, we sometimes block out the other sense, for example, closing our eyes when we experience an intense sound, taste, smell, or touch.**          At first, she’d thought the blindfold being tugged over her eyes had been a prank. Justin was always doing stuff like that and […]

  • Blindfold Test

    This week I explore another exercise with the senses. A blindfold makes you rely more on your other senses. Can you smell and feel your way out of a bad situation? Check back Thursday to see what happens.

  • Jammy Jams

    The subtitles give me life.