• Progress not Perfection

    At the end of every month, I tally up all my work. As I’ve progressed through my writing life, I’ve set higher and higher goals for myself and this was when I would find out how I measured up. Recently, though, I’ve found that it wasn’t as important to count every single word. Instead, I […]

  • A Scary Movie

    I feel like my Death as a Roommate story will end up in this horror comedy category. So, the obvious choice of movie to link with it is Scary Movie. This movie franchise has its jump scares and twisted scenes, but it is ultimately hilarious. And even though my story probably won’t have many scary […]

  • Death is a Roommate pt 1

                I dreaded the doorbell ringing. Even though I’d put out the notice for a new roommate, I still hated the idea. When Lizzy moved back home, I’d thought that would be the worst part. But now I have to interview people? And potentially live with a stranger? Ick. The entire thing made my skin […]

  • Where Ideas Come From

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a notebook with random ideas in it. It started as a pocket notebook, but grew into a normal size book. There’s also a folder along with it now, with pictures, notecards, and snippets printed off the internet. I strongly advise any writer to do the same. […]

  • Pen Names and Genre

    On Tuesday I mentioned writing in different genres. And anyone wanting to be successful knows that different genres might need a different name. You wouldn’t want to confuse your readers by publishing romance, thriller, and action all under the same author name. And I’ve been considering branching out in this way. Dave at Kindlepreneur is […]

  • A Girl as Pale as Snow

    Once upon a time, a young girl hid in a cave while monsters ravaged her parent’s house. She’d jumped from her bedroom window and run through the woods when she heard the screams. And now she heard the growls and messy sounds of teeth tearing flesh and she saw the smoke rise from the roof […]

  • Expanding Horizons

    My first attempt at a nonfiction book will be out in October. Which isn’t that far away, even though it feels like it is. And with that new avenue, I’ve been wondering if I should branch out and write in different genres. Like romance – even though I don’t think I’d do very good at […]

  • Reading like a Writer

    I’ve always loved reading. But I’ve also always been the type of reader that tears through books and moves on quickly. I’ve struggled with digging deeper. But I’m working on it. And here’s a video with some tips on doing just that in case anyone else struggles with it too.

  • July Reads

    I made it through another eight wonderful books this month. Two of them were quite long and I blame them for not hitting that nine or ten mark this time around. But I’m still sprinting towards the fifty book goal for the year. I do want to focus on reading ebooks or paperbacks again, and […]

  • Bookish Things

    One thing I wish I had was the time to sit and read. I’ve been so grateful for the existence of audiobooks so that I can keep on track with my reading goals, but I do miss reading books. I miss being cozy on the couch with a book and reading until my heart’s content. […]